Access Controlled Restroom

Save time and money with our Access Controlled Restrooms

Tired of job site restrooms being subject to vandalism? Disruptions, costs, and worker inconvenience are the last things you need. Our Access Control Restrooms deter vandalism and offer superior convenience for workers, elevating the job site experience.

Our restrooms function as a utility tie or self-contained unit, offering quick connections to site utilities. The climate-controlled model ensures comfort with individual stalls and optional access control for privacy. Badge entry enhances security, keeping your job site safe while minimizing disruptions.

Tale your Waste Management into the 21st Century

Our commercial quality, containerized restroom units modernize your site’s waste management. You can move this product multiple times throughout your project to meet manpower requirements both in and around your site. It’s the perfect solution for new construction, outages, and project turnarounds.
Industrial grade units give your site an added advantage to attract higher quality craftsmen. Plus, our modular restrooms are easy to maintain and keep clean, even in the toughest industrial and construction environments.
Flexible Restroom Solutions for Your Unique Needs
Utility-Tie Restroom: This line can be quickly installed on site with connections to utilities, including fresh water, sanitary waste, and electricity. All utility-tie connections are conveniently located on the same end of the restroom unit.
Self-Contained Restroom: This unit can be installed on site with no water and sanitation utility services available. The unit has been designed for easy access to fresh/wastewater tanks through container cargo doors and an additional man-door on the exterior of the unit.
Customized Restroom: Our Design and Engineering Team can modify any of our restrooms or start from scratch to meet your specific requirements. This includes custom sizes, colors, and more.
Access Controlled Restroom
Upgrade Your Job Site Experience Today
At Portable Solutions Group, we understand the importance of providing a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your workers. When you choose our Access Control Restrooms, you’re investing in a product that meets these needs while enhancing site security and efficiency.
Don’t let vandalism and inconvenience hinder your project.
Choose our Access Control Restrooms today and revolutionize your job site experience. Click below to request a quote and learn more about how our Access Control Restrooms can upgrade your site’s waste management solutions​.