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DropBox provides high-quality, customizable, sustainable shipping container modifications and engineered enclosures.

Since its founding in 2000, DropBox Inc. has designed, engineered, and manufactured shipping container modifications and engineered enclosures for customers worldwide.

With a proven quality and customer service track record, DropBox Inc. has planted its roots firmly throughout the industry.

DropBox Products

outside 10ft by 20ft modular lab

Pre-engineered and configured to meet the demands of your current operation and specific needs.

blast resistant modular office

Standard or custom, each BRM is built to be climate-controlled, portable, and multifunctional.

Utility tie restroom unit

Our self-contained modular restrooms provide large construction sites with both environmental and employee accountability.

Installing window frame

Needing a solution more specific
to your company’s needs?

With our in-house design and engineering team, we can help you create a custom solution that includes the exact features that you are looking for.


Our talented engineers minimize the problems that can lead to higher costs.


PSG employs a robust quality program for cross-checking our engineering design functions.


Each product is created with the utmost attention to detail to met and exceed your expectations.

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