Mobile Lab

Experience the Flexibility of Our Pre-Engineered Modular Laboratories

Finding a mobile laboratory space, equipped with the necessary features for conducting testing, and suitable for teaching science can be challenging. Traditional brick-and-mortar laboratories can be costly to build and difficult to relocate. This can create a hurdle for those needing a portable lab for various settings.
Our mobile labs come equipped with durable countertops, fume hoods, cabinetry, and an HVAC system, providing a comfortable and portable working environment for various settings. With different sizes and configurations available, our Modular Laboratories can be customized to meet your unique needs, whether for research or educational purposes.

Configured to Meet Your Needs

Each lab provides cleanroom process areas and laboratory/R&D space available as open areas or with specific zones for use separation. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Large, durable counters that can hold heavy equipment
  • Cabinetry to store materials
  • A laboratory fume hood to remove chemical gases during certain extraction processes
  • An HVAC system to provide a climate-controlled environment while you work
In addition, our standard offerings can be customized to ensure each customer receives the product that fits their exact needs. This creates the ideal workflow for your company.

Benefits of Our Mobile Laboratories

  • Pre-engineered and configured based on use within industry needs including analytical laboratories, cannabis laboratories, and cGMP
  • Configured for the demands of your current operation
  • Provide cleanroom process areas and laboratory/R&D space
  • Complete with all the equipment of a traditional laboratory
  • Standard offerings are customizable and configured to provide the ideal workflow
  • Finished in about half the time of traditional construction
  • Standard sized units come in 10′, 20’, & 40’ models (extended dimensions available upon request)
  • Delivered to your location and ready to use
  • Easily ship both domestically and internationally
  • Site ready for connection to power, water, and sewer
  • Quick installation reduces weather delays, moisture causing mold contamination, and onsite traffic from workers, equipment, and suppliers
  • Transportability allows for strategic positioning to wherever they are needed
With our Mobile Laboratories, you get a functional, high-quality laboratory space in a fraction of the time required for traditional construction. Designed for efficiency and convenience, these labs are ready for immediate use upon delivery. The quick installation process minimizes common site issues such as weather delays and onsite traffic, while their transportability allows for easy relocation and strategic positioning as needed. Invest in a versatile solution that streamlines your operations and meets your unique laboratory needs.

Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility in Modular Laboratories

Mobile laboratories have been used for decades in evaluating novel vaccines in remote locations, helping with diagnostic research as response outbreak labs and contain additional point-of-care instruments. “The continuous development of mobile laboratories for public health as well as basic, applied and clinical research during outbreaks is inevitable and will certainly prove to be invaluable going forward.” (Challenges and perspectives on the use of mobile laboratories during outbreaks and their use for vaccine evaluation – PMC (

At Portable Solutions Group, our Mobile Laboratories are meticulously designed to tackle such challenges with unmatched efficiency and versatility. Our labs provide a fully operational workspace in about half the time required for traditional construction, ensuring rapid deployment that minimizes downtime. This enables critical projects, such as vaccine evaluation and outbreak response, to proceed without delay.

Our mobile labs are not only built for speed but also engineered for optimal operational efficiency. With customizable layouts, they ensure an ideal workflow tailored to your specific needs, maximizing productivity. Additionally, the exceptional transportability of our mobile labs allows them to be strategically positioned wherever they are needed most, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for dynamic and demanding environments.


inside modular laboratory
Mobile Lab Interior
outside 10ft by 20ft modular lab

Take control of your mobile laboratory needs.

At Portable Solutions Group, we are dedicated to helping you customize your laboratory space to perfectly fit your requirements. Our Mobile Laboratories are designed to provide flexible and versatile solutions, ensuring you have the right setup for your specific projects. By choosing our Mobile Laboratories, you’re investing in a reliable and efficient solution that caters to your unique needs, whether it’s for industrial or construction sites.

Click below to request a quote and discover how our Modular Laboratories can enhance your operations, streamline your processes, and elevate your project efficiency. Let us help you build the perfect mobile lab tailored to your needs.