Our Products


The perfect solution for a wide range of perimeters. Fence line ready, the MAC Portal can be installed within minutes.

Pre-engineered and configured to meet the demands of your current operation and specific needs.

Standard or custom, each BRM is built to be climate-controlled, portable, and multifunctional.

A robust energy infrastructure. Energy can be stored for later use utilizing various technologies.

Designed to improve efficiency by giving workers on your site a secure, climate-controlled workstation with lighting and electrical outlets for power tools.

The modular restrooms provide large construction sites with both environmental and employee accountability.

The perfect solution for job sites where workers need a place to decontaminate before leaving the area.

The patented MAC Lite is the perfect security solution for a commercial construction project where footprint and fence line real estate might be more limiting.

All the functionality of a traditional stick built guardhouse in a portable, easy to deliver and set up solution.

A solution to secure the vehicle gate of any site that is easy to deliver, easy to set up, and is portable.