Blast Resistant Modules

Safe, comfortable, and functional workspace for your team in blast zones.

Our Blast Resistant Modules (BRM) offer a reliable solution to maintain worker safety in hazardous environments. These modules are designed to withstand overpressure ranging from 1.5 to 10.0 PSI, providing a sturdy shield for your employees.
Our BRMs are versatile, serving as a blast-resistant area where workers can securely store tools, hold meetings, take breaks, and manage projects. They are climate-controlled, ensuring a comfortable work environment regardless of the weather conditions. Available in various sizes, including custom options, they can be easily integrated into your operations.
What Makes Our Blast Resistant Modules Unique? Each BRM is built to be climate-controlled, portable, and multifunctional. Our team of in-house engineers and CAD draftsmen ensures the quality and durability of each unit, making them a reliable choice for your blast zone needs.

Providing both safety and flexibility.

These modules offer site-to-site portability, making it easy to adjust their location based on your evolving site requirements. Additionally, we provide custom floor plans and sizes to meet your specific needs. Whether used as offices, break rooms, or tool cribs, our BRMs provide a functional workspace for your team.
Choosing our BRMs comes with numerous advantages:
  • PE Certified 1.5, 3.0, 5.0, 8.0, 10.0 PSI Over Rating
  • Custom Floor Plans & Sizes
  • 12′ Wide Models to Maximize Space on Jobsites
  • Site-to-Site Portability
  • Climate-Control
  • Rent or Sale
  • Blast Resistant Offices
  • Blast Resistant Break Rooms
  • Blast Resistant Tool CribsWith our BRMs

Ready to Experience the Safety and Versatility of Our Blast Resistant Modules?

At Portable Solutions Group, we are dedicated to providing safe and efficient solutions for your job site. When you choose our BRMs, you’re investing in a solution that ensures worker safety while enhancing operational efficiency. Take control of your workspace needs today with our Blast Resistant Modules. Click below to request a quote and learn more about how our BRMs can enhance your operations.

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