Decontamination Stations

What are Decontamination Stations?

The Decontamination Station is a three or five stage process that comes with a dirty/equipment room, a shower room, and a clean room. The dirty room, or stage one, of the decontamination process incorporates a sink basin, disposal waste canisters for contaminated personal protection equipment, and HEPA Air Filtration. The second stage of the process, or shower room, comes with individual showers for removal of contaminates. The last stage, or the clean room, has lockers for the employees to store street clothes as well as new PPE clothing.


This product is designed so that it can be set up as a three zone or five zone unit through the use of three foot air locks located at the end of the shower room.

  • Mechanical room
    • (2) Hot water tanks
    • Lift station with a pump to push water through a set of Micron Filters (20/5) for water processing before exiting
  • Fully insulated with finished walls, flooring, over head lighting, and is climate controlled to provide employees the optimal environment to remove contaminates.