Boost Your Job Site Security with Our Turn-Key Guardhouses

Maintaining job site security is a crucial concern for project managers. It can be challenging to find a solution that ensures quick setup, easy transportation, and doesn’t interrupt site productivity. Our turn-key Guardhouses and guard shacks provide a practical solution to these challenges, ensuring a comfortable and secure working environment for your security staff.
Our guardhouse units are climate-controlled and designed for quick setup, allowing you to immediately improve the security of your site. With optional access control features, our Guard shacks enable you to monitor who enters and exits your job site, providing an extra layer of security.

Instantly Secure Your Job Site

Our Guardhouses and shacks are designed to be fully operational the moment they are delivered to your site. With these turn-key units, you get a solution that offers:
  • Climate-controlled environment for comfort
  • Quick setup for immediate use
  • Optional access control features to monitor site access
Minimizing setup time and disruptions ensures your job site remains secure and productivity isn’t impacted.

Guardhouse Options

4x6 guardhouse

Guardhouse 4’x6′

6x8 guardhouse

Guardhouse 6’x8′

8x10 guardhouse

Guardhouse 8’x10′

8x20 guardhouse

Guardhouse 8’x20′

Ready to Secure Your Job Site?

At Portable Solutions Group, we are committed to helping you create a safer, more secure job site. Take control of your site’s security today with our Guardhouses. Click below to request a quote and learn more about how our Guardhouses can enhance your job site’s security and productivity.

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