MAC Portals

Streamline Access Control and Enhance Site Security with our MAC Portal

Efficient fence-line security without disrupting your project timeline.

Managing site security and controlling access can be a hurdle. Inefficient authorization processes can even lead to productivity losses. However, our patented MAC Portal (Modular Access Control) turnstile units streamline these challenges, ensuring optimal security and efficiency without disrupting your project timeline.

The MAC Portal allows for efficient and reliable access control, reducing delays and disruptions for workers entering and exiting the job site, ultimately increasing productivity.

Fast & Efficient Installation

Our MAC Portals are fence-line ready, designed to be installed within minutes of arrival on site. Our turn-key design and optional access control packages offer a streamlined authorization process, which minimizes delays and disruptions. This efficiency translates into enhanced productivity and security for your site.

    Providing Trusted Access Control Across Diverse Industries

    Our MAC Portals are trusted across a wide range of industries, offering tailored access control solutions for:

    • Mining
    • Refineries
    • Chemical Plants
    • Nuclear Facilities
    • Military Installations
    • Industrial Construction
    • Commercial Construction

    Find the Right Mac Portal for Your Site

    Every site has unique security needs. That’s why we offer a range of MAC Portal options to suit your project:



    One Turnstile Lane w/o Office



    Two Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    MAC2 with Office


    Two Turnstile Lanes with Office



    Three Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    MAC 3 with office


    Three Turnstile Lanes with Office



    Four Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    MAC4 with office


    Four Turnstile Lanes with Office



    Six Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    MAC6 with Office


    Six Turnstile Lanes with Office

    MAC 8T with office


    Eight Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    MAC 10T


    Ten Turnstile Lanes w/o Office

    employee badging into MAC unit

    Ready to Secure Your Site?

    When you choose our MAC Portals, you’re investing not just in a product, but in a partnership with a company that has a proven track record in quality and customer service.

    Take control of your site’s security today with the MAC Portal. Click below to request a quote and learn more about how our MAC Portal can secure your site and bring you peace of mind​.

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