Modular Drop and Multiplex Offices

Inside view of multiplex offices
rendering of modular office

Comfortable and Professional Working Environment to Accommodate Job Site Needs

Our modular drop offices and multiplex offices provide a versatile, hassle-free solution to create a comfortable and professional work environment. These modular drop offices are designed to be easily placed on any level and stable surface without requiring a set foundation, allowing for a quick setup and tear-down process. The climate-controlled interior provides a comfortable and productive work environment with a finished interior for a professional and inviting atmosphere. For harsher weather conditions, our 40′ x 16′ multiplex modular offices offer a reinforced steel frame for durability and are designed to withstand extreme weather. With ample space for your team and heating and cooling options, our multiplex offices provide a versatile solution to meet your job site needs.

Customized Offices 

No matter what your company’s specific needs are, DropBox Inc.’s drop offices are pre-engineered and configured to meet the demands of your current operation. But because DropBox Inc. wants to ensure that each customer receives the product that fits their exact needs, our standard offerings can be customized to provide the ideal workflow for your company. Check out the video below for an example of our custom multiplex office. 


  • Climate-controlled
  • Optional restroom installation 
  • 20ft, 40ft, or custom size options available
  • Movable based on site needs via top and bottom corner blocks 

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