Utility Tie Restroom

Quick-Installation and Increased Privacy with the Utility Tie Restroom

Introducing the Utility Tie Restroom (UTR), where convenience meets versatility!

Choose from 20ft, 40ft, or custom sizes, with optional access control and various stall configurations to suit your personnel needs. These cutting-edge, climate-controlled units feature private stalls and running water, ensuring a comfortable environment for all employees at your job site.

Experience easy installation, as they are seamlessly connected to on-site utilities. Upgrade your workplace amenities and elevate job site comfort with the Utility Tie Restroom.

Utility Tie Restroom

Take your Waste Management into the 21st Century

Our commercial quality, containerized restroom units modernize your site’s waste management. You can move this product multiple times throughout your project to meet manpower requirements both in and around your site. It’s the perfect solution for new construction, outages, and project turnarounds.
Industrial grade units give your site an added advantage to attract higher quality craftsmen. Plus, our modular restrooms are easy to maintain and keep clean, even in the toughest industrial and construction environments.

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