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Protect your people, project, and profits with our industry-leading security solutions.

The company’s patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal is a standard, practical, sturdy structure made from industrial-grade materials. Unused, but not useless. While some businesses are built on thinking outside the box, our company is built on reinventing the box, taking what others see as a single-use container and reconfiguring it, and giving it multiple pragmatic purposes for contractors worldwide.

With a proven track record for quality and customer service, PSG has planted its roots firmly throughout the industry.


Site safety starts with the fence line. Our patented products will help keep your people and your project safe.


Reduce lost time and stolen tools by controlling who has access to your site with our proven products and solutions.


Take all the fuss out of reporting and other compliance concerns with our robust Access Control System integrations.

Secured By MAC Products

The perfect solution for a wide range of perimeters. Fence line ready, the MAC Portal can be installed within minutes.

Our self-contained modular restrooms provide large construction sites with both environmental and employee accountability.

The patented MAC Lite is the perfect security solution for a commercial construction project where footprint and fence line real estate might be more limiting.

All the functionality of a traditional stick built guardhouse in a portable, easy to deliver and set up solution.

A solution to secure the vehicle gate of any site that is easy to deliver, easy to set up, and is portable.

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Optional access control packages available

We offer optional access control packages that can be installed into your product. Not sure whether or not an access control package is right for you and your company?

Visit our Access Control Systems 101 page to learn more about what access control is, its benefits, and the options for integration with Secured By Mac products. 

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