Turnstiles for Construction Sites

Construction Turnstiles 101

Ensuring perimeter security is vital in the construction industry, where safety and efficiency are key. Construction turnstiles provide reliable site protection, ensuring controlled access while maintaining productivity.

Digitalization of Construction

In today’s industry, manual tracking methods are a thing of the past. While access control integration does the monitoring, construction turnstiles act as security barriers, providing peace of mind for project managers.

Transformative Site Management with Real-Time Data

Modern construction security thrives on real-time data. Our partnerships with premier access control companies enable you to make informed decisions, with our construction turnstile solutions seamlessly integrating software to provide instant, actionable insights into site status.

Defining Perimeter Security

Construction turnstiles serve as sturdy gatekeepers, defining the perimeter of your project and providing reliable security. These turnstile solutions, designed for seamless integration with your existing access control systems, offer versatility without compromising security for temporary or permanent needs.

Completed MAC 6-turnstiles
modular security turnstiles

Redefined with Modular Solutions

The variability of construction projects requires adaptable solutions. Our Modular Access Control (MAC) turnstiles, featuring durable and portable designs, are tailored to projects of all sizes. Meanwhile, Vehicle Access Control (VAC) gate arms offer reliable on-site vehicle traffic management solutions.

Streamlined Security with Turnkey Ready Solutions

Hardware and software integration isn’t merely about security; it transforms construction site management. Investing in construction turnstiles means investing in enhanced perimeter security and overall site productivity. Their seamless integration and easy installation ensure hassle-free implementation, providing efficient access control from day one. To learn more about our construction site management solutions, contact us at 740-532-7822 or at sale@portablesolutionsgroup.com

MAC Safe - T - Check portal in fenceline Turntstile