Unlock the Potential of Construction Turnstiles

Software Partnerships

The Importance of Integrated

Hardware and Software

In the construction world, security is paramount, and the key lies in the seamless connection between hardware and software. Construction access control has evolved, and construction turnstiles are at the forefront of this transformation, effortlessly integrated with cutting-edge software solutions.


Digitalization of Security

Gone are the days of manual tracking using pen and paper. Today, the construction industry embraces a digital revolution that ensures reliable security and efficient shift management. The collaboration between robust hardware and sophisticated software marks this evolution.

Access-Controlled Construction Turnstiles

Construction Turnstiles: A Portal to Controlled Access

Enter construction turnstiles – the sturdy gatekeepers defining the perimeter of your project. These turnstiles provide reliable security and pave the way for efficient access control. Our turnstile solutions stand out for their software neutrality and easy integration with access control systems. Whether your site needs temporary or permanent solutions, these turnstiles offer versatility without compromising security.

 Real-time Data Empowering Construction Sites

The heartbeat of modern construction security is real-time data. Critical partnerships with premier access control companies, like our partners at Eyrus, are crucial to making informed decisions with the invaluable data their system collects. Eyrus access control software pairs with our construction turnstiles, portals, etc., to control access and record real-time data. Imagine having instant insights into your site’s status, seamlessly powered by integrated software. This is the reality with construction turnstile solutions that secure your project.

Transforming Construction Site Management

Integrating hardware and software is not just a security measure; it’s a transformative shift in construction site management. With features like site mapping, access level authorization, and personnel reporting, partners like Eyrus track employees entering through MAC turnstile portals or VAC units, leaving a digital paper trail that simplifies the tracking of credentials.

Efficiency Redefined with Modular Solutions

Construction projects vary in size and scope, requiring solutions that adapt to these circumstances. Our Modular Access Control (MAC) turnstiles, equipped with durable and portable exteriors, offer the flexibility needed for projects of differing sizes. Our Vehicle Access Control (VAC) gate arms provide reliable solutions that can be easily moved as your project develops for efficient control of on-site vehicle traffic.

Construction Turnstiles

Your Ticket to 21st Century Operations

Consider our construction turnstile solutions if you’re ready to elevate your site security. We manufacture top-tier hardware, and our secure software partnerships ensure a seamless experience for your site. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing tedious details – step into the 21st century of construction site operations. Contact us today for a quote and capitalize on our reliable access control provider partnerships, ensuring a straightforward solution for your site.

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